Johnny de Courcy and the Death Rangers

by Johnny de Courcy

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Sept 11th - Vancouver, BC TOUR KICK OFF @ 303 Columbia W/ Astral Swans, Eric Campbell, Krystafur and DJ Owen Ellis $10 8pm

Sept 20th - Montreal, QC @ TRH Bar 4:30pm POP MONTREAL!

Sept 24th - Montreal, QC @ BRASSERIE BEAUBIEN w/ Wider Smile

Sept 28th - Toronto, ON @ Smiling Buddha









released 22 November 2012

Produced by Johnny de Courcy and Michael Kraushaar you lil bitch



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Panoramic View
You’ve got this panoramic view
nothings good enough for you
you can fantasize all day
but it’ll look just the same

in the corners of your mind
you will search and you will find
the misery will disappear
but take your time, my dear

cause’ there’s no sense in runnin’ all around
your dragon feet aren’t on the ground
look around

and see the clouds are moving to
somewhere else but always
somewhere new
don’t try to slow them down
cause you’ll get lost and
never found
in time they’ll drift away
and new ones will appear to take their place
It’s not a race.
Track Name: Waltz #3//Sunrise
I’m making the most
of my time in the sun
you’re takin’ my ghost
for a ride
I don’t know where to run,
all that i know, is i’m done

I don’t know how to feel, since my age has crossed with my lies
endless laughter i can’t conceal cause you know i’ve already tried
many people would kill,
for a feeling like mine
but all i can feel,
are the desperate times

and oh can you hear me
I’m screamin in the rain
the headlights of my halo
have drove me past insane
but oh how i love you
my mother told me so
my religion is my ego
and i can not let it go

but oh storms are comin’
so hide under your bed
it’s useless to deceive me
when my visions hazy red
and you whisper things i said

I can see through false disguise
through another set of eyes
but what i see I cannot feel
when I’m finding out that
this whole life is just half real
and the feelings come and go
now I’ve become mr. so and so

and you laugh, and you cry
but you deal.
and you fall and you crawl
but you deal

and you can’t go back
and you won’t lay down
with decisions that you made
from your ups and down

and you hold on tight
through the shit you’ve caused
and you pretend it’s so much fun
now you’re staring at your mother’s gun
talkin’ trash with the pastors’ son

and you know and you grow
and you steal
you let go of control
and you kneel

but you fall back down in the neon light
and you call yourself a saint but you don’t wear white
and you cut your hair till your head is bare
and you’re feelin’ paranoid
cause they hit you there
and you know you can’t recall that night
but you’re sensing several things that will justify
and the pain you felt as a casualty is gone.
Track Name: The Artist
If I was twelve, and you were too
we’d talk about the things we do
the ones we love, sky above
and everything we’re thinking of

oh dear old dad, when I see you
I imitate the things you do
the way you talk, and speak your mind
and everything is easier to find

to find the lonely place in your heart
in a western world torn apart
from every little thing
that we ever loved about

the spring has sprung
and I’ve become
so tangled in this web I’ve spun
but my philosophy will set me free
cause love is all I’ll ever need

and dear old dad, if things go bad
at least we had the times we had
but things are good, and I feel assured
that when we speak we will be heard

but tonight I feel my ego push you away, and it’s tearing me up
everyday will pass
every feeling too
but what remains is I love you.
Track Name: Has it Found You
Has it found you
and wrapped around you
is she standing there
with her heart in a knot
or is it some sick game
of don’t get caught

with it around you
and are her words half true
is it something you can live without
and if it’s with are you full of doubt

that it has found you
and maybe one day soon
it will find me too
and we will live as one

In a better view
are you black and blue
did you find it hard and so unfair
that i came around
when he wasn’t there

and lay beside you
and gave you something new
that will cauterize your aching heart
but it will tear my fucking life apart

cause I have found you
and maybe one day soon
you will find me too
and we will live as one

live as one.
Track Name: Fade Away
When everything you love has gone away
and brighter shades have faded out to gray
I know I will surely slip away
cause checking out is easier that way

it really doesn’t matter what I say
cause every word will surely fade away
it really doesn’t matter what you think
cause I’m pushin honest values to the brink

the brink of starvation
my lover sent me there
if i don’t have to feel i will not care
and into sedation
the lightness draws you in
never knowing who or where you been

cause every chance I have to break away
ignorance is standing in the way
I fill my head with so much bloody dust
that plans of action always start to rust

cause I am a dreamer
I’ll dream my life a way
but while I dream I still can hear you say
that no is the answer
I say when I cant see
the pleasantries of life’s simplicity

cause everything I love has gone away
and sunshine has become a sea of gray
I know I will surely fade away
so now theres nothing more for me to say.
Track Name: Hello//Goodbye
I can’t see quite where I’m going
and I don’t remember when I’ve been
All I know is that I gotta be free
but the blood sucking people got a hold on me
but then again thats nothing new cause

you gotta find your own way
you gotta find your own way
you gotta find your own way
you gotta find your own way

I don’t know quite how I’m doin
and I’m saying things I don’t wanna hear
all i know is I gotta be free
from the walls that I’ve built up inside of me
and then I’ll start to understand that

you gotta find your own way
you gotta find your own way
you gotta find your own way

hello hello hello goodbye
hello hello hello goodbye
hello hello hello goodbye
hello hello hello goodbye
Track Name: Andrea's Song
Somebody somebody somebody told me you had a boyfriend
somebody somebody somebody told me you were a man
but nobody told me the things that made me adore you
so I still don’t understand, cause all I want to do is hold your hand

the flowers in your hair match the love in your heart
the love it your heart speaks so loud its insane
and I can’t see and I can’t breathe when you are around me
so breathe your loving breath down onto me
and dance and sing tonight cause we are free

and you will never know
the reasons we are here
the only thing that matters
is you and I my dear
I’ll drown away your sadness and I’ll burn away your fear
cause I adore you
and I cant ignore you

oh andrea give me your hand
and we’ll fly far away now
through the rain and through the snow to a place that I know
where everything and everyone loves with out sadness
and I’ll never have to go
cause you’re inside my body head to toe

and when you speak, I listen
to the words you softly sow
of all the things you taught me theres one that’ll never go
it’s not the toys you die with
but the people that you know

and I got to know you
and I want to tell you
that you are amazing
to me.
Track Name: Old Glass
You wake up twice a day
and wash yourself away

you learn to settle down
get your head out of those clouds

old habits drift away
but you still fight them everyday

you force yourself awake
you give but still you take away from her

you blink and it’s all gone
you convince yourself that nothing is wrong
Track Name: Lover's Kiss
You say I’m being cold but it’s
my way of letting go
For more good to come
from this we’ll
say good bye to a lover’s kiss

say goodbye to a lover’s kiss
shoot straight I hope you don’t miss

late at night and the music’s loud
I look out into the crowd
is that you or is it someone else
am I alone or beside my self

am I alone or beside my self
don’t put me on the top fucking shelf

cause I have always been so insecure
spending all my days actin so
I have walked a mile
for a needle and some hay
that already has passed away
Track Name: Erma
There you sit, across the field
hair is red and heart is real
what you’re thinking
I will never know

time goes on and we hold hands
sit alone in the empty stands
talk about
the things we wanna do

we were young but we felt assured
that when we spoke
we would be heard
the time for us would come

but when you left, I couldn’t see
myself alone is this misery
so I took her hand and ignored your apologies


Riding bikes
through the springtime air
drinking beer at our holy lair
time has never passed so easily

you left home and cut your hair
but I can still feel it there
we are
and will always be a pair

but things got hard
as we broke apart
so you got high
and took your heart

but i came down
and you stayed up
night after night
cup after cup

I’m sick in my head
when I see you there
tired arms in the midnight air
the moon shines down
on a dying flame
as you cry and scream
and curse my name


cause life is never what it seems
what you want or what you need
take your time
you’re in no hurry to get it right

and you can change your pretty name
but I will know you just the same
take good care of your heart and I’ll do the same

and in the corners of your mind
you will search and you will find
what it means to disappear inside yourself

and when you look upon my face
my hearts awake and starts to race
to the time when we grew up so long ago.
Track Name: Cherry Lane
They say I hate you because
you took my toy ship away
tuesdays lonely again
and I don’t know who I am

I try to find my way home but I don’t know where I am
I say what needs to be said
to push it out of my head

It’s in my head
but I’ll be okay
oh mama I’ll be okay
oh mama I’ll be okay

they took my fucking drugs
give me my fucking drugs
I don’t know why they did
but they took them away

let me be in the clouds
I just wanna be okay
I know I won’t bother you
so just give me my drugs

Awaken please
and I’ll be okay
oh mama I’ll be okay
oh mama I’ll be okay
oh mama I’ll be okay
Track Name: Gone Insane
I have gone insane
for reasons I can’t explain
all of the problems
they’re in my name
and all of the people
they look the same

with all their glaring eyes
looking down, impenetrably

you have killed the pain
and it will never return again
but all of your problems
they are still there
and all of the people
they sit and stare

with all their glaring eyes
looking down, impenetrably
cause you
have broken so many rules
and they won’t
let you be

cause you have won
for your son
so I can be
so set free
and if you go
I’ll never know
If you and me
is all I need

cause everywhere I go
I’m so cold
and everywhere you go
is so low
cause everything I say
is in vain
and everyone I know
has gone insane.