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Still, Love

by Johnny de Courcy

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KJX / Wave Ranch
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KJX / Wave Ranch A writer to watch ongoing, as years inform poignant prose with reflection of time-shining-lights.

For now, bask in the melodies and beauty of hearts broken and mending until the kettle boils and tea is sipped on the back step while tall grass simply sways. Favorite track: Broken Mantra.
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baaneezu pure bliss, 11/10
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kokomanic beautiful, raw and captivating Favorite track: Still Love.
ReleaseTheBears thumbnail
ReleaseTheBears A deceptively deep and complex album on multiple listens. It was a toss up between Broken Mantra and God for favourite track. If you liked Death Rangers and Alien Lake, give this a chance! Favorite track: Broken Mantra.
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Brown Rice 04:56
Don’t forget to let the light in as you enter me Harmony is hard to come by, excessively Its not the words but all the madness that comforts me The feeling never dies In the fields and in the city it’s feeding time The pain is like a contraceptive it keeps you high A golden hand appears to touch you it must be sublime The healing grace of time But its too late to answer with your broken mantra Countless hours pass before you like a sacred tide Memories of a family, you left behind Power lies in confrontation of the soul’s divine And it’s conversation time Has no one told this poor conductor its his symphony Please excuse him he’s an outcast just like me Cause I can’t stand another movement and honestly Save it for the page Cause its too late to answer with your broken mantra
Angels voices coming from above Same old situation you once loved Searching for the princess on the run She is painting pretty pictures in the sun And her mother reading scriptures to her son inside her son Speak those empathetic verses til you’re one All you want is waiting in the wings It reminds you of the pain that sorrow brings Blasphemy begins to rear it’s head Seven sacred sisters in your bed In the winds of conversation Much wiser men have said Keep these dollars in your pocket Not your head Waiting on this symmetry Is it right does it bleed for one Seeing how the oldest wars were won Soon the voices start to be the sound Spilling down from heaven to the ground Carefully arranged in harmony While a beautiful tradition turns the key But its not a conversation I can have without a toll Cause its your body that they’re after not your soul
Lullaby 03:15
Pardon me darlin’ If your hands are tied Would you give me just one more try To prove my love Cause everybody knows Which way your heart must go And if you ever know That you love somebody more than you love yourself You gotta let em’ go And we can go walking Through the town at dawn Take a look at this trip we’re on It seems so real But I’ve become so tame Cause everybody knows your name And if you feel the same Oh just know that it wouldn’t be in vain Cause it all depends if you Can stomach the words I cry Cause I’m crying, yeah I’m crying For you And it might offend someone To saddle on a horse of blue Cause im bleedin’ yeah im bleedin’ im bleedin’ oh im bleedin’ For you
You 03:34
I’d Love you If I could love you The way that you need Yeah I’d love you If I could love you The way that you need You’d love me If you could love me The way that I need Yeah you’d love me If you could love me The way that I need Cause I lie here in the bank Tryin ta wait for you Oh what a sight to see Oh what a sight to see Cause I’d love you If I could love you The way that you need Yeah I’d love you If I could love you The way that you need Cause I lie here in the bank Turned away from you Oh what a sight to see Oh what a sight to see Oh what a sight to see
Good Tidings 03:36
Lucky to be the one Who answers when you call Who’ll catch you when you fall Lucky to be the one You dance with in the park Romance with in the dark So lucky to be by your side So lucky I feel I could cry So lucky I think I could die Good tidings Good tidings to you Good tidings will come When I see you Its hard to recognize what you’re going through When you’re feeling like a stranger blue And fair enough you don’t know what you should do But ill always try and pull you through So help me I’ll stay by your side So help me I’ll stay til I die So help me I feel I might cry
Fallin' 02:48
Fallin’ in love is a crime Of one I am guilty again and again if Fallin in love is a crime you say I will commit it day after day Cause ive been a child on the wings of a smile But thats over now to the ground And lately Ive heard you’ve met better men But you didn’t want them around Oh cause falling in love it a crime Whoah oh if fallin in love is a crime you see I will commit it eternally Cause you be heaven I’ll be earth Watch us flirt as one You be islands in the snow But won’t you follow me downtown Won’t you follow me downtown Where the old Volvos go I’ll be around
Save Love 02:57
Finding it hard to be on your own In sickness and health You need somebody else Leaving it all to hang out on the line You bleed like a cat Your mother showed you that So bear with me When your parts are going backwards In this symphony The arrangements in this time They make no sense to me Our relationship is strained So let it go Can you save love Can you save love Can you save love Save love Drink what you want and protect who you will You think it will last Will you have another glass Lettin it bleed in the light of the stone Its not your first time Oh but you don’t seem to mind So bear with me When your thoughts are going backwards its simplicity and magic will adhere to eccentricity Our relationship is strained so let it go, you know But can you save love Can you save love Can you save love Save love Today
God 03:09
Playing god is getting hard When I’m drunk all time Taste my blood it tastes of wine And letting go is hard to do Cause im a part of you But holding on is danger too I laid it down for all to see Underneath that moonlit tree I called you one too many times Now im on this faded ride You’ll be the strings on my guitar The wheels on a classic car All my life I drove too far And when you dance Im dancing too But only if you want me to Cause ive got nothing more to do I laid it down for all to see Underneath that moonlit tree I called you one too many times Now im on this faded ride Never taste that heart sublime Its a man I must define Maybe I should take the time
Still Love 03:40
Time takes the picture And you return the favour If you’re able The payments on the table In love And we hold on dearly Through this night im falling Like a stone rose in passion Sometimes our love Is still love Trust its hard to come by But you know it when you see it And it never appears when you need it In love Oh it burns so brightly Through the both of us But its so hard to handle Sometimes our love Is still love Cause ive found the time To give away that hopeless rhyme And if you walk away walk away I will follow And do you have the mind to remember what it meant So please don’t walk away walk away walk away this time Like to take you on the town Your diamond legs and velvet gown You’re up in sails Love to hold you all the time You’re sick in daze and its killing mine You’re up in sails Something takes your breath away You’re wishing it was yesterday Lust will life you miles above But you fall to your knees for this love And well stay together But through this night im falling Like a stone rose in passion Lovin those stones And it burns forever So if you’re on your way One thing to remember Darling, our love Is still love


This album was recorded in Toronto, ON during the winter of 2018 above a carpet factory on an 8-track.

This album is dedicated to Brit Wacher.
Without her these songs wouldn't exist.

Recorded and mixed by Johnny de Courcy at Keele Sound, Toronto, ON
All instruments by Johnny de Courcy
except Saxophone on "GOD" and "FALLIN'" by Sparky & Background vocals by Robin Love
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS, Vancouver, BC
Design by Malcolm J. Biddle

Thank You: William, Julia, Miles, Mum, Dad, Anna, Jason, Koko. Robin Love, Brit Wacher, Cotey Pope, Nolan W, Dev, Silent Chris, Andy Boy, Viking Recycling, Forno Cultura, Gabe Girard, Theo Mouvras, AC & Master Chef, C. Lee. K. Knapp, sorry to everyone i forgot!

Cindy's Records 2019


released October 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Johnny de Courcy Toronto, Ontario

Blurring the lines between pain and pleasure.

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